Omnichannel – Future Of The Casino Gambling Industry

Omni-channel is a multi-channel sales approach that provides the customer with an integrated shopping experience. The customer can shop online from a desktop or mobile device, or by phone, or in a physical store, and the experience would be perfect. It is important here to distinguish an omni-channel user experience from a multichannel user experience. In essence, it comes down to the depth of integration. You can have amazing mobile marketing, engaged social media campaigns and a well-designed website but if you don’t collaborate, it’s not an omni channel.

An omni-channel approach, accounts for every platform and device that a customer will use to interact with the company . This knowledge is then used to provide an integrated experience. Companies that use this technique align their messages, goals, and design across each channel and device.

The Omnichannel strategy allows players a smooth transition of the game from one device to another. Thus, the online casino operator can pay attention primarily to the vendors ready to provide relevant software to the customers. In particular, if a virtual casino caters to young audiences – under the age of 35 – gadgets, tablets and other mobile devices can support a version of your gambling house. Loading data, playing the game, depositing / withdrawing funds – all these things should be as simple as possible, work perfectly and guarantee 100% convenience to the players during the game.

In February 2017, Playtech, the world’s leading provider of game content and software, systems and services, launched a spectacular slot game that rewards customers with unique experiences, features and bonuses by using the Omni-channel game. Launched on all channels and devices exclusively with Coral this week, in over 300 stores and in all 1800 UK outlets later this month, Tiki Paradise is a true Omni-channel game that rewards players because unlock enhanced features and functionality by playing in-store, online and on mobile. Tiki Paradise is a five-reel, 10-win line slot game, with wins awarded when three or more symbols are seen in a left-to-right direction.

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